Introducing the Initial Galaxy Update of 2024 from Samsung: What's New?

In a proactive move to bolster the security of its flagship devices, Samsung has initiated the distribution of the first security patch for January 2024. This significant update, totaling approximately 400 MB, is already making its way to users in Europe.

Galaxy S23 owners can anticipate an enhancement to their device with the installation of firmware version S91xBXXS3BWL3. Likewise, Galaxy S22 and S21 users are advised to watch for versions S90xBXXS7DWL3 and G99xBXXS9FWL9, respectively.

Analyzing the official patch notes, it becomes apparent that Samsung has addressed a critical security issue and rectified 67 other issues classified as "High" priority by the Korean tech giant. Notably, a vulnerability in Samsung's Bluetooth pairing process has been fixed, preventing potential attackers from creating a pairing process without user interaction.

Furthermore, the update addresses a noteworthy bug that could potentially allow Samsung DeX users in multi-user environments to access another user's notifications. Despite these improvements, it remains uncertain whether the reported burn-in screen issues, for which Samsung pledged a resolution in January, are included in this update.

While the patch has currently been deployed in Europe, users in the United States can expect its arrival shortly. The update is not exclusive to the Galaxy S series, as it is anticipated to extend its reach to additional models such as the Galaxy Z Fold5, Z Flip5, Z Fold4, Z Flip4, A54, and Note20. It's important to note that FE (Fan Edition) devices are not part of this particular wave of updates.

Samsung's commitment to addressing critical security concerns underscores its dedication to providing users with a secure and reliable mobile experience. Stay tuned as the update continues its rollout to users worldwide, reinforcing the protection of Samsung's flagship devices.

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